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DC Group Essay Assignment

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Guidelines for your DC Essay Assignment


1. In your small group, choose the topic of your collaborative essay. Choose a place in DC that you really like.

2. Visit the place you have chosen. Take notes.

3. In class you will have time to work on the first draft of your essay. It should follow this outline:


    I. Physical Environment - Describe the physical environment as you saw it.

   II. Social Environment - Describe the people you saw in this environment.

  III. Analysis - Analyze the interaction between the physical and the social. Did the place influence the people or did the people 

                       influence the place?


Collaboration and Peer Review


First Draft: The leader of your group will post a draft in the wiki. Everyone in your group will collaborate on revising and editing this draft.  Be sure to include at least one photo in your essay. Try to include all of the group members in the photo.


Second Draft: The members of one of the other class DC groups will read your first draft. Your instructor will also read it. They will make suggestions for revisions and editing. You will make any changes that you deem appropriate.


Third Draft: A group of students in Dallas and their instructor will read and comment on your essay.


Final Draft: Taking into consideration all of the feedback that you have received, revise your essay and post your final draft to the wiki. 

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