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Discussion Board Assignment Tips

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If you want to receive the maximum number of points on the Discussion Board assignments, follow these guidelines:


  1. Read the assigned text carefully.
  2. Find the main idea and understand the supporting paragraphs.
  3. Read the questions thoroughly, and respond to them according to the instructions .
  4. Post your reply to the prompt of your choice first before you reply to other students' responses.
  5. Do not repeat your classmates' ideas or comments and try to create an original post.
  6. Reply to the prompt with at least  75 words.
  7. Read your reply and check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  8. Allow plenty of time for others to reply to what you have written. Don't post at the 11th hours!
  9. Read the prompt of your classmates carefully before you reply and properly address the author.
  10. Create an interesting and unique reply.
  11. Make sure you meet the deadline. If you don't, you will be marked absent.

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