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Jinedi- Eritrea

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Welcome to Eritrea

Eritrea is one of the newest and I consider it to be the brilliant hope of African nations. For more a century, Eritrea and Eritrean had encounter through a lot of civilians and regionals wars that had caused in dismantling the country. The changes of climate, the diversity of the ethnic groups, and the attractive coastline on the red sea, make Eritrea a big deal of interest.

First of all, as the changes of climate, Eritrea is unbelievably has a beauty of no other kind, and you could find in a stretch of 75 miles the climates you might fell in love with. For example, the temperate climate in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea is 80F, the climate to Kodaa city which is remote 35 miles of Asmara is 95F, then the temperate in Massaw the coastal city of Eritrea which is far of Asmara 75 miles is 104F.And if you spoke of the landscape through out the 75 miles you easily find the agricultural plateau, the mountainous ridges attractively leaving you in the death of love, and mysteriously letting you dissolve as you embrace the sands of Eritrean coast.  No weirdness, to Asmara to be called Rome referring to Rome the capital of Italy.

 Secondly, the diversity of Eritrean ethnic group , historically might be consider as a melting pot of diversified ethnic groups stretching back in history of 700 years. There are nine ethnic groups in Eritrea, which are: Jebreti (Tigrina), Tigre, Saho, Nara, Hedareb, Beja, Afar, Bilen, Kunama, and the Rashida. And these historical melting pot diversifications bestow its advantage for those in the pot to be of very easy adoption in any environment.     

Finally, the location of the coastline on the Red Sea makes Eritrea attractive for tourists and visitors to enjoy their trip and for neighbors to attack. There are two major ports. Massawa to the northern Red Sea and Assab to the southern Red Sea. In addition to these two ports, there are more than 300 islands across the coastline of the Red Sea. These ports and islands have been the target for the colonizers and neighbors through the last 100 years because of the huge marine wealth resources and strategic locations.

In conclusion, despite the poverty that Eritrea has been suffering through the last century, the people of my country are giving the most to re-build the beauty and the grace that were demolished by colonizers and the late internecine war.  




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Anonymous said

at 12:42 am on Oct 12, 2007

Hi Jinedi!I like your culture essay. That is very good that you wrote about history of your country but can you write more about some special places in your country, something that attracts people's attention! May be a special place or an interesting fact.

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