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Khabat- Kurdistan

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              Have you ever hard about our 2749 years of history.  High Mountain and very long history defined my country.  Kurdistan is located in the Middle East.  It is between four countries as Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.  The very interested events we have are going back to the Zoroastrian time.  Zoroastrian is one of the oldest religions in the word.  Which has many interesting events the three events I want to talk about it are; Nawroz, Chwarshanbesory, Sizde_Badar.

       Nowroz is our new year, which is coming in the first day of spring.  In nowroz we have big tablecloth that we put seven items, in the haftsin tablecloth all seven items have different meanings.  All seven items start with letter ’S’.  My first experience of Nowroz is going back to about twenty years ago, when I was in Elementary School.  In our New Year table, usually put some apples and some more things.  I was very tired and hungry, I tried to find something for eat.  When I saw the apples on the table, I start to eat them.  After my mom saw the apples are missing, she got very upset.  Because not anybody can eat those apples until they take away the table.  Finally, I told my mom about the apples years later; at that time, she was just laughing at me.

     Sizde_Badar is the day of happiness and visiting family and friends in the nature.  We have a tradition of spending the day on the 13th of month Nowroz.  Sized_ Badar in English translates to "getting rid of thirteen.”  From long time ago, our nation enjoyed this day; however, it is the end of Nawroz celebration. It was the first time my father let me drive the car by myself and I took out all family and some of friends with me.  After everybody was on the place we used to meet, my father sends me to take my uncle and his family with me.  However, they was not ready and told me come back later.  After a while, I saw some of my friends and took them to far place.  I forgot about my family and my uncle, when I went back home everybody were very angry.  Because they thought, I had car accident or I have a problem and they got wet under rain until they rent another car.

    The next one is charshanbesury, the actual Nowroz ceremonies began with Charshanbesury on the evening of the last Wednesday of the year.  This day is known by “Red Wednesday" several bonfires are made.  Everybody jumps over the fire and say" Give me your redness and take away my wintry sallow complexion.  This event is very popular but most of the time the police make problems and young people might fight with them.  Fighting with police in this event is very formal and every year many young people go to jail because of that.  I was first year in High school when I done the first event in my life.  After school, everybody was ready to celebrate the event, but every place was full of police.  City was very busy; almost everybody was in the street and was ready to start.  Police was keep telling people that most going home and anybody cannot celebrate, but nobody lesson to the police.  When got dark, everybody start to make fire and jumping on the fire.  Police came close and close and fighting was starting.  Police arrested and wounded many people and some of my classmates.  They were in jail for long time and most of them lost one year of education.

     In conclusion, in our 2749 years of history I just mentioned about three events above that show a tip the top of the iceberg.  Nawroz Sizde Badar and Charsanbe souri are some of the events in our culture that have a lot of fun for us.



Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 1:17 pm on Oct 7, 2007

Mei He
HI, Khabat Ebrahimpour. I am very glad to read your essay. You say that there are many famous places in your country. could you be a bit more specific. And I have one question for you. What does this "dailags" word mean?

Anonymous said

at 12:18 am on Oct 12, 2007

Hello Khabat! I like your culture essay. It's interesting but I would like to learn more about mountains and waterfalls. Are the mountains high? Are those places visited by lots of tourists? Why?

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