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ESL 12

Prof: Dr.Meloni


Draft #2

Let’s Go to Korea

Korea is one of the countries which has long history in the world. As long as our long history, there are various life styles and interesting things by following time, especially a type of manners to elder people, strong relationship in family and showing well-dressed properly.

First of all, Korean shows respecting elder people strongly. We have different manner of speech to elder people, so others who do not know their ages can realize who old are easily dufing their conversation. Another respecting behavior is having meal with elder people. Elders start to eat first, and then younger can eat. Same like starting meal, after elder finishes and leave from having meal, younger can do. Beside, it is very impolite that younger smoke in front of elder people. Manner of speech, eating and smoking to elder people reveals Korean's way of respecting.

Next, Korean has strong family relationship. We have time having ancestor worship regularly. This is one of our tradition and invaluable. Furthermore, Korean respects their parents a lot, and they try to follow their parent’s steps and rules. For example, if you are the first son of your family, you should live with your parents until they pass away. However, nowadays it doesn’t be a only first son, and daughters or other younger sons who want to take care of their parents can be fine. Then, relationship between brothers and sisters reveals uniting of family. Even though after they got marring, they gather as many as possible and have fun. Family is considered the most important one for our life.

Finally, Korean is famous for being dressed properly. In office, we cannot wear a casual style dress, and we have to be a formal dress. This is starting from school. Students wear school uniform, so they can always remind their responsibilities as students. On celebration, we wear tradition dresses or formal dresses, and make our day.

Throughout these provisions, Korean reveals well-mannered behavior and consideration in our life, and it is good standard for understanding about our country to people from another country.


Rosario's comment

I'm really impressed with "the respect concept" in your country, Exist any kind of social punishment if you don't do that?

-Should be so hard be the first son'daughter in Korea.

-You did focus on social aspects, there is any historical place or any other interestin thing about your country?



Seble's Comment


Can you please explain more when you mean by Korea has long history in the world.

Please mention on your essay also about the physical and historical characteristics of the country.



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