Ociel De La O, El Salvador

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                                                        El Salvador

          My country has the most beautiful climate in all Central America. It’s a tiny country that most people say that one day it will disappear from the map.  Many people go to El Salvador just to have a good time. El Salvador is a unique country when talking about Food, Beaches and Carnaval.

            The Salvadoreans are known by their delicious Pupusas and other typical plate. Pupusas are made from corn. There are a lot different kind of Pupusas starting from Cheese, Rice, Pork and Beans. There is a place called Oloquilta located in the department of Santa Ana where the only thing you will see is Pupusas. I recommend to tourist if they ever visit El Salvador don’t go without trying the delicious Pupusas. Pupusas has gotten so popular that has spread all over the United States.  

            The weather is always sunny and great to go swimming. The beaches are one of our unique. Many people go surfing anytime of the year. El Salvador is never cold, so people are always enjoying the great wave that the ocean brings.   The best beach I will recommend to anyone that would like to visit my country is La Costa Del Sol. La Costa Del Sol is the best private beach in San Salvador, the Capital. It’s located about 20 miles away from the Airport. There are some other beaches I would also recommend, but they are not as popular as La Costa Del Sol, but still great.  If you love nice weather and great beaches you should put El Salvador’s beaches in the list for your next vacation.  

            El Salvador has the second best Carnaval in the World. First the Carnaval of Brazil Rio de Janeiro and the second is El Carnaval de San Miguel. We have many tourists from all over the world visiting San Miguel for the Carnaval, but more around the Caribbean. Most people go to the Carnaval early to get the closest hotel and make sure that they have right spot where they can see the whole city. Every year they are trying to improve it. There are a lot of musicians that are invited to play in stage. It starts on Monday and finish on Saturday the last Saturday of November. It’s a whole week long. If you ever wonder how it feel to be in a huge carnival with a lot of fun, than you should go to San Miguel.

            El Salvador has these beautiful places where people can experience new things. I always look forward to visit El Salvador every year. You should put El Salvador in your next vacation plan.


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