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Rosario - Peru

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Peru,The Incas' Land


Peru, my native country is divided in three regions: The Coast, The Highland and the Jungle. The Coast is located in front of The Pacific Ocean.


Peru has a wide natural and cultural richness. When someone asks me about my country, I alwas mention: Macchu Picchu, The Peruvian Marinera and Cebiche.

Macchu Picchu, the most representative figure of the Inca Empire is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world . It is because its architectural beauty and historic importance, Macchu Picchu has been considered as one of The Seven Wonders of The Modern World.


The Marinera is a representative typical dance from Peru. Melodies, which are performed by twenty musician band, are cheerful and catching. Also, sounds from drums, trombones and trumpets predominate in them. The marinera is performed by couples of every age, which start their training since they are kids.The movements are very elegant and the couple of dancers are flirting all the time.


Finally, Cebiche is the most typical, famous and accepted dish from my country. It's made with fresh fish and lemon juice. It is served with yuca root and toasted corn, which in my country is called Cancha.Cebiche is the perfect excuse for calling your friends and spend a great time enjoying a delicious Cebiche and drinking some very cold black beers. Mmmm!!!


If you are looking for any place with attractive tourist places, delicious and variety food and full of kind people willig to recieve you with their open arms, Peru will be your best choice.




Dr. Meloni - Describe Macchu Picchu more. Why is it beautiful? Why is it enigmatic?   Describe the dance in more detail. How did you take the photo? What does the photo show?




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