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Using the Wiki: Guidelines

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1. Log in using the wiki password that your instructor gave you. Be sure to give your name and e-mail address when you log in.

2. Read the information on the Home page (also called the Front Page).

3. Create a new page by clicking on New Page. Be sure to hit the Save button when you are finished.

4. Click on Sidebar to call up the Wiki Table of Contents.

5. Edit an old page by going to the page and clicking on Edit. Be sure to hit the Save button when you are finished.

6. Add a photo by clicking on Image, browsing for the image, and uploading it. (It's the same way you would do it in MS Word.)

7. Make a link by clicking on Link and providing the URL or the name of the internal wiki page.

8. Click on History at the bottom of a wiki page to see a list of all of the edited versions of that page.

9.Click on All Pages to see a list of all the pages in the wiki.

10. Log out.


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