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Yan Zhi - China

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Yan Zhi Huang

Dr. Meloni

ESL 012

Culture Essay Final



Interest from China

 I am Yan Zhi and I came from China.  I am going to tell you some interesting things about my country.  Have you ever wondered what China looks like?  If you haven't, here you go.  You will know the lifestyle, the transportation, and the food of my country. 
    Lifestyle is total upside down to America.  As you may know, Beijing is the most famous city in my country. It is the capital of China. It is in northeast of China. The Great Wall is the longest wall and oldest place in Beijing.  Not only the Great Wall is distinguished China from other countries.  In Beijing-China, the most famous place is computer Bar. Although it is the same as the regular bars where can drink soda pop, but we can go to the Internet and make new friends.  In China, roosters usually remind people to get up who live in the country. You can also hear people who eat dim sum in the restaurants. They are noisy in China because waiters always shout what they sell the dim sum. In school you can hear students read aloud with expression. They have to read books in the morning during the reading time. That helps students to practice to give a good presentation.
            I always remind my friends if they want to go to China, they should learn how to ride bicycle before they go. Bicycles are the most important transportation in China. Everyone have his or her own bicycle. If you go to China, you will see the bicycle is the same as the population of China.  Although China is a developing country, most people can't afford to buy their own car.  
    The most interesting thing is the food.  In America, the most famous food is Genertous Chicken.  There is not Generous Chicken in China.  GT is only creating to fit American taste.  So, what do we eat?  We eat dim sum in the morning.  We have different kinds of dim sum.  We have chicken feet, shrimp dumpling, and etc.  At noon, we eat rice and some vegetable.  Chinese broccoli is the most popular vegetable in China because it is very healthy for our bodies. It has a lot of energy. Chinese people usually eat it from fields where they grow Chinese broccoli.  At night, we have rice again and now with some barbeque chicken, beef, and pork.  Barbeque the whole pig is the most famous food in China.  Usually, I can have a whole pig barbeque in the Chinese New Year. We share the pig with the family and friends.
After you read all these interest things about China, do you understand the lifestyle, the transportation, and the food of my country now? 



Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 12:57 am on Oct 11, 2007

Hey Yan Zhi,
Your essay is very interesting. But I think it will be good if you have avoiding writing the word of china too many times.

Anonymous said

at 6:11 pm on Oct 15, 2007

Try to tighten your organization. You have lots of interesting information but it needs to be tied together more effectively.

Anonymous said

at 6:12 pm on Oct 15, 2007

What is Genertous chicken?

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