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Zoryana- Ukraine

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 Powerful Symbols of Ukraine


       Every country has its own gorgeous places and historical monuments left behind by our ancestors. The most unique places in Ukraine are: the ancient wooden church in Drohobych, the Carpathian mountains in the north-west part of the country and the monument of three brothers- creators of the capital.

       One of the ancient symbols of  Ukraine is the ancient wooden Temple. It is situated in the middle of Drohobych city. The church is named on St. Yurij. This is a very old church; almost eight hundred years old. The St. Yurij Temple was built from wood and without any nails. Church services are still held there but not so often as before. This wooden Temple became more of a visitor center than a place for prayer. That is a real masterpiece!

       Another symbol of Ukraine are beautiful Carpathians mountains. The Carpethians are the highest mountains in Ukraine. They are located in the north-west part of the country. The landscapes of mountains attract lots of tourists from different countries. The surface of the mountains is covered with green trees and bushes. Also you can find camp areas and special places for grilling. There are also a couple of hotels in the mountain area. This would be a perfect place if anybody would like to go camping in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere!

       The most known monument of three brothers- creators of ancient Kyiv is the third symbol of Ukraine. The sculpture of three historical Ukrainians  is situated on the bank of the river Dnipro. The monument is made of bronze and describes three people standing close to each other. These three brothers were the creators of the ancient city Kyiv. They are facing the famous river Dnipro and it seems that the brothers admire the beauty of the river with its crystal clear water. In Ukraine this is the most visited place by tourists.

       From the small ancient towns like Drohobych with its famous wooden church, through the high Carpathian Mountains to the humongous city like Kiev with its heroic monument of three city creators , all visitors will be greatly satisfied with such an eye catching powerful symbols of Ukraine.




Dr. Meloni - Are you familiar with the stave churches in Norway? I am wondering if the church in your town is a stave church.

                   Why are the Carpathian mountians beautiful?

                   Describe the Three Historical Ukrainians statue more. Can you include a photo of it?

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